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Should have followed the serving size for that naked smoothie. My stomach feels like someone’s punching it from the inside out.

SO many killer shows coming up, mainly excited to hang with all the friends since I haven’t seen most of them in over a month. 

Six selfies


Just about a month away. Friendly reminder that entry is limited, so get to the space early and get your wristband. Doors will be opening up at 7pm sharp.

Per usual there’s 100% in’s & out’s at the space, so you’ll be able to pay to get into the show then grab some grub before Badblood opens up at 8pm on the dot. See you next month! FB Event

Why is everyone posting six selfies?

Alpha jock douchebags who aggressively push mosh might be my favorite people in the world to elbow in the nose.

I wish Norway would sentence Varg in a manner where no new shitty ambient Burzum albums could be recorded.

Saw TSOL this afternoon and seeing Pennywise tomorrow for free. Weekend of dad punk 2014 lives on.



Gnarmageddon Fest / Glass House / Pomona, Ca. / 02.08.14