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Thought I was alone in the warehouse complex, just heard someone sneeze and cannot see them at all. RIP Me


Fall 2014. 

Physical zine to add to your bathroom reading material.


Kevin Steen’s PWG farewell speech.

Reblogging to watch later. 

(via gregxjackson)

Prince Devitt and KENTA signing to WWE is the best move that company has made in a long time. Now we wait for Kevin Steen.

NXT roster is unreal right now.

Those who yell the loudest tend to fall the hardest.


if you’re not the legal age to post a nude picture…why are you? you could get so many people in trouble

Back to normal. Thank baby Jesus.


Brand new single from The Coltranes, new 7” entitled “The Cat Of Nine Tails” due out on SPHC (Column Of Heaven/Lotus Fucker/Sete Star Sept)